Via Algarviana

Pedestrian route across the Algarve from Alcoutim on the river Guadiana to Cabo de São Vicente on the southwestern tip of the Algarve

Via Algarviana is a Great Pedestrian Route (GR13) which connects Alcoutim at the eastern border of the Algarve to Cabo de São Vicente on the western coast with a length of 300km, mostly installed in the mountains (Serra) of Algarve. It is intended o become part of the Trans-European routes, linking to the E4 and E9.

The route crosses eleven municipalities in the Algarve (Alcoutim, Aljezur, Castro Marim, Tavira, S. Brás de Alportel, Loulé, Silves, Monchique, Lagos, Portimão and Vila do Bispo) and about 21 parish councils. In each village the route is positioned close to places of natural and cultural interest as well as accommodation and restaurants, including rural tourism hotels, typical villages of the Algarve, etc.

Apart from its intrinsic value, the Via Algarviana can be considered the “backbone” of a network of footpaths in the Algarve, which will complement and create several alternatives according to the preferences and capacities of the hikers. Therefore all paths crossing the route of the Via Algarviana or connecting to it are identified and marked in the territory.


The route will be segmented into sections up to 30km.

Maps and information here:

  • Sector 1 – Alcoutim » Balurcus 24,20 km
  • Sector 2 – Balurcus » Furnazinhas 14,30 km
  • Sector 3 – Furnazinhas » Vaqueiros 20,30 km
  • Sector 4 – Vaqueiros » Cachopo 14,88 km
  • Sector 5 – Cachopo » Barranco do Velho 29,10 km
  • Sector 6 – Barranco do Velho » Salir 14,90 km
  • Sector 7 – Salir » Alte 16,20 km
  • Sector 8 – Alte » Messines 19,30 km
  • Sector 9 – Messines » Silves 27,60 km
  • Sector 10 – Silves » Monchique 28,60 km
  • Sector 11 – Monchique » Marmelete 14,70 km
  • Sector 12 – Marmelete » Bensafrim 30,00 km
  • Secor 13 – Bensafrim » Vila do Bispo 30,19 km
  • Sector 14– Vila do Bispo » Sagres 17,65 km

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